Happy Sunday!

Happy pretty Sunday, friends! Here are some of my favorite links from around the Internet this week! I hope they get your week started on the right foot! ❤

  1. First up, this 15-minute planner method from courage + clarity is the best way to sort out your to-do’s and then actually get them done.
  2. How do you get your news? Notifications? theSkimm? Podcasts? I want to hear!
  3. Why Do So Few Women Write Letters to the Editor?
  4. It’s crazy how inspiring tech can be. This App Delivers Leftover Food To The Hungry, Instead Of To The Trash. 
  5. Reading different people’s answers to the same questions puts such a big smile on my face. Ask your friends + family the same questions! The Interview.
  6. These homemade chocolate bars will definitely be gracing my kitchen this week. And these brown butter pistachio baked donuts from the queen of baking.
  7. Speaking of queens, I’m late to the party, but I finally started watching the Crown and obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about it. Here are 30 things you didn’t know about the Crown.
  8. A laugh: Women Rejecting Marriage Proposals in Western Art History.
  9. The cutest paper tape in all the land. Stick with it.
  10. This May Wallpaper from the house that lars built is kind of the best thing ever.

That’s all for now, my dears! Have a beautiful + productive week!