Grace In A Vase 2.0 (she’s back!)

Hey there, lovely readers! It’s been a hot minute!

I do apologize for the long delay in blog posts. The end of the school semester had me screaming into my pillow and wearing the same outfit three days in a row.

Fret noteth! Exciting changes are right around the corner for Grace In A Vase and I cannot wait to share them with you!

In the absence of blog posts,  I have redesigned how the flow of posts will look here at Grace In A Vase. I really wanted to create a system that not only bred consistency but also clarity and thoughtfulness. I wanted each week of posts to tell its own story, from problem to solution.

Soooooo, what does that like?

Well, I think awareness of global issues is so, so important and that the more we learn about them, the better equipped we are to help solve them. I’m also a big believer in hope and the power each of us has to make a positive difference in the world.

And the new flow of blog posts in this space puts both of those beliefs into practice. Each week there will be two to three blog posts, each focusing on one significant issue around the world. The first blog post of the week will highlight that issue, who it affects, and in what way (remember this bloggy post? These will look like this!). The second blog post of the week will highlight a company, organization, or non-profit that is dedicated to addressing, fixing, or solving that issue (sort of like this baby over here).

Awareness. Hope.

The bonus third blog post of the week will be an interview with someone involved in that organization so you can hear their perspective on both the problem and on the power each one of us has inside of us to be a part of the solution.

Of course, there will always still be space for posts like Mother’s Day Gift Guides and podcast recommendations, but they’ll always remain in the theme of whatever we’re talking about that week!

Needless to say, I am omg so excited about this new flow! It is the perfect set-up that I felt this space was missing when we first launched!

Before we get into this awareness-raising, hope-championing business, I want to hear from all of you! Share with me in the comments below or on Instagram what your thoughts on this 2.0 idea are and which issues or companies you would like for us to write about! Can’t wait to hear from you!