Welcome to Grace In A Vase!

Grace In A Vase is a lifestyle and writing blog with an ethical twist. We are dedicated to highlighting global issues and the creative souls who are compassionately addressing them, all the while sharing inspiration, resources, and tips so you can do the same.

We do this through

  • interviews with female founders
  • highlighting ethical fashion companies
  • think pieces on pressing global issues
  • resources + tips on how to get involved in your community, which organizations and businesses to support, how to be a conscious consumer, and how to effectively share what matters most to you
  • a few fun lifestyle posts to brighten things up!

We hope this space will empower you to learn, share, and take action. This is a community of global citizens and creative, compassionate trailblazers.

Pour yourself a strong cup of coffee, bring a puzzle, and let’s talk about inspiring companies and the women who make them, the messiness of living wisely, and our favorite cookie recipes!

We are thrilled about this adventure and excited for the road ahead.


Torie Grace



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